Our services area is currently being revised. The information below is a typical description of the types of services that we will have listed in the future. If after having reviewed this information you would like additional info please feel free to contact us at: and tell us how we can be more helpful. 


Master Planning for Natural Resource, Parks, Protected Areas and Recreational Trail System

Sustainability is a direct result of competent research and site evaluation. After determining the management objectives and identifying all of the opportunities and constraints for a site, Chinook Associates is be able to create a master plan that will be the foundation for the development and management of your Natural Resource, Park, Protected Area or Recreational Trail System. This plan can be as complete as you feel it needs to be. The detail may range from topographical maps and aerial photos with the trail highlighted on them, to Concept Development... Public Input... Determine Types of Recreational Use/Needs... Stakeholder Meetings... 

Design for Natural Resources, Parks, Protected Areas, and Recreational Trail System Design

Design resulting in construction documents...

Construction of Natural Resources, Parks, Protected Areas, and Recreational Trail System Construction

Full service construction program, Design Build, Project Management, Front Country, Back Country, Wilderness, ADA, Urban, Greenbelt

Management of Natural Resources, Parks, Protected Areas and Recreational Trail Systems 

Providing consistent services in the face of budget reductions and limited funding is the reality of almost all land managers. Full service maintenance/management program for all aspects of your Natural Resource, Park, Protected Area, and Recreational Trail System. Chinook Associates has developed several different volunteer programs that can easily be integrated into your operation. These programs include job descriptions, recruitment processes, form letters, training procedures and scheduling considerations. Typical volunteer positions that you might consider are Trail Inspectors, Sign Maintenance, Adopt-A-Trail and Host Programs. As an alternative to more typical staff and volunteer programs, Chinook Associates can assist you in developing Youth Corp programs. Having an established and effective Youth Corp program may have a very positive influence on grant applications. Interactive training can be provided for your staff at your facility. This training can cover all aspects of management and development and can be customized to meet your specific needs.


A crucial factor in establishing or maintaining a trail system is arming your personnel with the training and information that they need to be effective as stewards of the land.   Field operations related to trail building and maintenance have historically been taught via oral tradition, most often through a mentor/mentee relationship.  With the proliferation of trail based recreation, it can be difficult to ensure that staff, volunteers, youth groups, or other labor resources needed to work on trail system all have adequate knowledge and skill.  Eagle Eye Trail Services delivers a comprehensive array of training opportunities to your organization.  We offer classroom and field training that include trail design, trail construction skills, trail maintenance skills, trail crew leadership, and trail program management.  Our extensive experience allows us to tailor training courses that fit your needs.  We will leverage your training budget for maximum benefit for your system.  Let us know what you need!

Other Services

Other services that we are able to provide include Multi-Use Management Issues, GIS and GPS Applications, Monitoring Levels of Use, Web Page Development, Desktop Publishing and Grant Writing. If you are planning to hold a State Trail Conference and are looking for an individual able to lead a workshop or make a presentation I would be happy to discuss this with you.